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About Nathan

I've been building websites professionally since mid-2011. For me, the thrill of building websites is in seeing awesome functionality and design come together seemlessly. I also enjoy the problem solving nature of web development and the art of communication through code.

My wife, Amy, and I live along the creek path in Boulder, Colorado (possibly the best place ever?). We love our outdoor activities: biking, climbing, soccer, skiing, and disc golf.

Technical Expertise: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, WordPress, Git, HTML + CSS, Haml + Sass, Nanoc

Other Info

  • If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at: nathan .at. nathanfeaver.com
  • I really enjoy working on personal/open source projects which I share on GitHub and on the 6kites GitHub account.
  • For those that are interested: Resume - September 2012