Books that I've been reading and what I think about them

Hunger Games Trilogy

Written by: Suzanne Collins
Last Updated: Aug. 30, 2012

Comparing the book with the movie

I had to wait a few months after seeing the movie to read the books, to give my memory some time to forget my impressions and prepare to be impressed once again. It was well worth it. The movie was excellent but the book adds important details to deepen the impact of the shocking tale: Understanding more of the backstory that led to the Hunger Games, hearing more of Katniss Everdeen's thoughts as she wander's through the arena, and finding out what the genetically mutated dogs at the end of the first book really are.

However, that isn't to say that the book is better than the movie. I was impressed that the movie managed to alter the parts of the book that made the least amount of sense to increase the realism of the story. I was impressed by both film and books. Two thumbs up for both!

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