Books that I've been reading and what I think about them

Pro Git

Written by: Scott Chacon
Last Updated: Sep. 05, 2012

A Great Primer on Git

I read Pro Git as background research before setting up a git server for a small development team at 6kites. After reading, I knew several different ways of setting up a Git server and the pros and cons of each. In addition to understanding how to set up a Git server, I also felt more comfortable with Git workflows and commands. Before Pro Git I was using Git regularly but Pro Git really clarified Git best practices for me.

I gave the book only one thumb up, however, because I think it needs to include an annotated Git documentation. The book's relatively short tutorial section skipped over some details making it pleasant to read but including those details as Git documentation would have been perfect.

Also, Pro Git is free to read online or in several e-reader formats! I'd recommend the book to anyone who uses Git and isn't 100% comfortable with it.

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