A Sampling of my Work in Web Development

Freelance Work


  • Technologies Used: WordPress Multisite, Git, PHP, Scrum Development
  • Contracted: August 2012 - January 2013
  • Description:

    6kites hired me to work with their development team to build custom WordPress sites and to manage their source control and deployments.

    We built a platform for 6kite's client to quickly clone and customize websites for sports teams and clubs. I dug deep into WordPress to build a highly customized dashboard and administrator toolset.

    As manager of source control, I implemented Git on the server and managed deployments of 6kites products through Git commits/hooks.

    I participated in a scrum team developing rapid prototypes and iterating changes with client input on a weekly sprint cycle.

  • Link: 6kites


  • Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Haml & Sass, Heroku, PostgreSQL, HTML + CSS, YouTube API
  • Built: June 2012
  • Description:

    I built Vidusic with the intention of sharing my favorite music videos with friends and family. I also subscribe to the 'Learn by Doing Method' and worked on this to continue learning Ruby on Rails (I had been playing with Rails since Feb 2012 but this was my first published app).

    I continue to update this site with a few videos each week. If it loads slowly, it is because I'm on the free-usage tier at Heroku. Enjoy!

  • Link: Vidusic
  • Code Repository: Vidusic

Trusted Tutor

  • Technologies Used: HTML5 Boiler Plate, Haml & Sass, Custom Deploy Script, JavaScript, JSON, Amazon S3
  • Built: July 2012
  • Description:

    This is the online home of my branded tutoring company. In between web development I tutor students at The University of Colorado in math and computer science courses. Students can submit reviews to a Google Form which is used to generate JSON data to populate the website.

    I am really happy with this website. The simple graphic design, navigation, and user-centric content make it elegant and highly functional.

  • Link: Trusted Tutor

Personal Homepage (This Site)

  • Technologies Used: Nanoc, Haml + Sass, Amazon S3, YAML
  • Built: August 2012
  • Description:

    Soon after I started developing web sites, I began hosting my personal website on Amazon S3 using static HTML and CSS pages. However, as any new web developer quickly understands, it becomes impractical to keep more than a handful of html files updated.

    I updated the old site into this one using Nanoc. Now, it is simple to add data quickly and create a more compelling website consisting of pure HTML and CSS (and JavaScript to come). You can check out the code at my GitHub account in the link below.

  • Code Repository: Personal Homepage (This Site)

Amy's Teaching Websites

  • Technologies Used: Nanoc, Haml & Sass, YAML, Google Web Fonts
  • Built: August 2012
  • Description:

    My wife, Amy, is a math PhD candidate and teacher at CU Boulder. The loving husband that I am, I have built her professional website as well as most of her course websites.

    Nanoc was the perfect tool for this small site with static pages. It enables Amy to keep her website up to date by entering data (no html or programming required) and has no hosting costs!

  • Link: Amy's Teaching Websites

Earth Explorers

  • Technologies Used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, InkScape & GIMP
  • Built: October 2011
  • Description:

    I built this website for a Boulder non-profit. We purchased a theme and heavily modified it by implementing plugins and creating a branded visual design. I also created custom plugins to keep track of people and students associated with the organization.

  • Link: Earth Explorers


  • Technologies Used: WordPress, PHP, HTML & CSS, RSS, Domain Management
  • Built: September 2012
  • Description:

    For Torque Brake Fluid, I built a custom lightweight WordPress theme from scratch. The site required custom user roles and capabilities which I discuss in my blog.

    The site allows the client to quickly post news stories (with a news feed on the homepage) and blog entries without a lot of other fluff. Visitors to the site can post testimonials with pictures, adding value to the site over time.

    I also helped this client transfer their domain to a new host.

  • Link: Torque

Prospeed RS683

  • Technologies Used: WordPress, Domain Management, RSS, HTML & CSS
  • Built: April 2012
  • Description:

    I did some maintenance work for RS683, helping them integrate their WordPress blog into their website.

  • Link: Prospeed RS683

CU Buffalo Tutor

  • Technologies Used: WordPress, Foundation CSS Framework, Mobile-Ready, SEO
  • Built: April 2012
  • Description:

    I created a custom WordPress website for Buffalo Tutor to inform students of services beyond basic tutoring and convert visitors into clients. This site was created on the Foundation CSS Framework to provide a mobile-friendly website that students reading flyers in the hallway could easily navigate. The mobile-friendly layout of this site worked well with the fun/cartoony look that Buffalo Tutor wanted.

    I also helped the client understand some principals of SEO and modified an existing site to have better SEO performance.

Ben's Course Website

  • Technologies Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL
  • Built: May 2012
  • Description:

    For this website, I ported an existing PHP backed website into WordPress for easier maintenance for the client (a math graduate student teacher at CU). I created a custom plugin to help the client post announcements and new homeworks on various pages of his site. In addition, I manually set up and configured a MySQL database on a remote server.